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Navigating a new build or home renovation promises to be exciting, but exhausting. Carefully considering the function of each space, while developing an aesthetic that embodies the right vibe, is not only important, but imperative when creating your personal haven. If selections and finishes are like jewelry to a home, project management and implementation equates to a healthy regime, setting one up for long-term success.  With extensive experience managing projects, and an award-winning design-build-interiors firm, Hogue ID takes care of the details- doing what we do well- so that you can do what you do, even better.


Blueprints to bar soaps, our services range from architectural drawings and construction to furnishings and decor. We collaborate with  clients and their architects and builders, or can operate as the contractor for new builds, renovations, interior architecture and interior design.


Clients are offered fully furnished spaces, including window treatments, bedding and yes, bar soaps, at or near the completion of the construction process, making it the ultimate design-build-interiors experience.

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