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Collaboratively creating thoughtful, functional and award-winning spaces, we believe the best designs involve all parties- the builder, architect, designer and client- from the beginning. As an interior designer and licensed contractor, Michelle Hogue, of Hogue Interior Design, has extensive experience on both the creative and business side of the trade. Developing and managing construction schedules- including lighting, plumbing, paint/paper, tile/stone, hardware and appliances- while respecting budgets, Michelle is detail-oriented, and process driven.


Whether retained by the builder or architect, the client, or both- we understand the  importance of balance and scale, repetitive elements and color theory, and strive to create balanced, harmonious homes that are sophisticated, yet unpretentious. With careful consideration of how each space functions, Michelle works with architects, builders, and clients, to develop smart design solutions and exceptional interiors.  Respecting the architecture of the home, each space is thoughtful, remarkable, and timeless.


Clients are offered fully furnished spaces, including window treatments, bedding and yes bar soaps, at or near the completion of the construction process, making it the ultimate design-build-interiors experience.

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